Welterweight Champ George St. Pierre Steps down from UFC

Published On December 17, 2013 | By Shanda Foster

The UFC world was rocked this week by the announcement of it’s 6 year reigning Welterweight Champion, George St. Pierre stepping away from the sport. GSP wil give up his title and leave the organization indefinitely he told the media on Friday, but did not refer to the break as retiring, leaving the option open for a possible return.

“One day when I feel like it, I might come back,”St-Pierre said. “But right now I need a break”. “I don’t want to make nobody wait. I want to come back when I feel like it. I’ll become stronger when I will. It has to be up to me. It has to be on my terms”, he told Fox News.

It’s been said that GSP’s life had been consuming him. The pressures of the constant competition, which consumes him daily is a huge factor but what GSP is referring to as “personal issues” are the main reasons why the fighter is stepping away. St. Pierre who is tight-lipped about his personal life, says his life is a “zoo” and that he needs to “live a normal life for bit.”

There is however, some speculation swirling around from sites such as TMZ that St. Pierre’s father has fallen ill and he will spend more time with him minus the pressures of training. Another rumor floating around cyberspace, is that a woman in Canada is claiming to be pregnant by St. Pierre.

The 32-year old champion had talked about taking a break dating back to last Fall. Firas Zahabi, head trainer at Tristar Gym, a place like a second home to GSP spoke to The MMA Hour stating:

“Before the Hendrick’s fight, he had mixed feelings. Right now he has the motiviation to take care of his personal issues. If he doesn’t, he’s going to end up depressed, alone. The guy has been fighting for too long, missing too many birthdays, too many weddings, too many life experiences.”

What Will Come of the Title?

The Welterweight division will press on, Johny Hendricks will fight Robbie Lawler at UFC 171 on March 15 in Dallas for the title according to UFC president Dana White. He also weighed in on GSP and stepping away saying, “You can tell by the way he talks that the issues he deals with outside the Octagon are driving him nuts. He’s obsessing about them and they’re driving him crazy.”

St. Pierre at 32 is one of the most powerful, well rounded fighters in the UFC. He holds a record of 25-2-0 and has built a legacy with his career. Maybe he will return to try and pick up where he left off. Whether he does or not, GSP is satisfied with the career he has built and has become one of the best while doing it. In the MMA world, he will be missed.

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