Early bed time for Tom Brady all part of the game plan

Published On November 12, 2014 | By Alice Cook

Early in the bye week New England Patriots reciever Julian Edelman revealed to Bill Simmons of ESPN that Tom Brady goes to bed at 8:30.

Somehow I wasn’t surprised, but it did make me wonder who at home was doing story time and putting the kids to bed.  Maybe Giselle is reading ‘Good Night Moon’ to the entire Brady bunch before turning out the lights.

Early to bed, early to rise is an age old lesson for being healthy, wealthy and wise.  Tom Brady is all of those things, and then some. Since that ill fated loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on September 29th, TB12 has been playing close to perfection.

During his weekly radio appearance with WEEI, Brady was asked about the early turn in.

“I do go to bed early, because I’m up early,” said Brady. ” I think that the decisions I make always center around performance enhancement. Whether it’s what I eat, what decisions I make, whether I drink or don’t drink.  I want to be the best I can be every day, every week.  I want to be the best for my team mates.”

Brady has made no secret of his intentions to play the game for years to come.  If that means accepting a different lifestyle than some of his predecessors, then so be it.

“I love the game and want to do it for a long time. I also know if I want to do it for a long time, I have to do it in a different way than guys have always done it,” he said.

“You hear stories about people who get older- this declines, that declines.  I don’t really believe those things,” Brady said.

(Music to the ears for anyone over the age of 40.)

Then host Gerry Callahan asked what advice a 37 year old Brady would give to the 25 year old Brady.

“The 25 year old Brady had a great time,” Brady laughed. “I wouldn’t change much from those days.  I was kind of fast and loose back then.  I was still a responsible person, but I think when you have a wife and kids, your life transitions into other things.”

How many of us have said that?

Whatever Tom Brady is doing right now is working. The quarterback has boiled it down to two basic priorities.

Football and family.




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