Tom Brady, baby goats, birthdays, and a bold prediction

Published On August 3, 2017 | By Alice Cook

Ten years ago today Tom Brady held his weekly press conference on the middle of the field at Gillette Stadium.  I remember that location because it’s unusual for the Patriots to practice in the stadium, not to mention allowing the media on the field for a player interview.

The big story that day was not about Brady turning 30.  It was about a recent GQ Magazine that featured Brady posing with small farm animals, including a baby goat.

The teasing was relentless, especially from teammate Matt Light who wore an image of one of the little critters on the back of his jersey for the entire practice.

Brady took the ribbing with his usual good nature and then was asked how he felt about turning 30.  Without missing a beat, Brady said he never felt better, and looked forward to many good years ahead.  As a matter if fact he said,  “I plan to still be playing when I am 40.”

I remember hearing the snickering from reporters all around me.  At the time it seemed a bit of a far fetched goal. Yes, Brett Favre  came one interception away from going to the Super Bowl when he was 40, only to go into quick decline and retire the following year.  And Brady’s childhood hero, Joe Montana was still playing at 38, but never really was the same during those two final season with the Chiefs.

“40? Really?”  You can’t be serious, I thought to myself, and I am quite sure I wasn’t alone.  NFL players have an average shelf life of 4 years, and Brady was predicting he could compete full throttle for 10 more seasons.

And here we are today.  Brady is 40 years old with five super bowl rings, four Super Bowl MVP’s and never feeling better.

Brady has said he will play until 45, and has not ruled out playing until age 50.

Considering his physical condition, his obsession with diet, hydration practices, soft tissue massages, impeccable work ethic, and unparalleled competitiveness, who is going to doubt him?

Father time is undefeated.  We all know that. Eventually Tom Brady’s career as an NFL quarterback will come to an end, and that will be one sad day for New England.

Ten years ago Brady was posing with baby goats.  Now he is THE GOAT.

Can’t wait to see what the next ten years will bring.


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