Shape Magazine names Decker and Brady top hottest players in NFL

Published On August 7, 2018 | By shesgamesports

It isn’t often that Tom Brady takes second to anyone.  Now he has lost out to one of his own team mates.

In a June 18, 2018 article, Shape Magazine named Eric Decker the NFL‘s hottest player.  This was 7 weeks before the veteran wide receiver signed a one year deal with the Patriots. 

According the “Shape,”  Decker is “hot and humble.  He is so charismatic, he’s even got his own reality show on E!”


Brady who nearly always finishes at the top of “hotness” polls was second on the list.  “He is a winner, a GOAT, and has five rings,” the story says.  “He also has the hottest NFL wife.”


Getting absolutely no respect is former Patriot Jimmy Garoppolo who came in at number 10.  The mag liked that Jimmy was single and “looking for love.”

But it is hard to fathom how Jimmy G placed behind the likes of the  Clay Matthews, (must be the hair)…


…and Brock Osweiler. 


Anyway, take heart New England.  Vegas has the Patriots as a favorite to win the Super Bowl. And now we know, enough eye candy to get us through a long, hard fought season.






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