How to workout while watching the game

Published On September 29, 2015 | By shesgamesports

How much time do you spend watching football?  Statistics say that almost two thirds of Americans watch NFL football. Three quarters are men (73%) and over half are women half are women (55%).  A survey by Adweek/Harris Poll found six in ten people spend less than five hours a week watching the NFL, while over one quarter said they watch between six and ten hours.

The survey was done a few years ago, so let’s assume those numbers are much bigger these days.  Fantasy Football might have something to do with it, along with the overall popularity of the league.

Football makes for millions of couch potatoes.  The most activity most of us get during a 3 hour game is running to the refridgerator during commercials for another beer or glass of wine.  We snack on nachos and chicken fingers. We eat chili, and cheese burgers.  The carrots and hummus thing just doesn’t cut it during a football game.  Save that stuff for the Oscar parties.

In the name of multi-tasking and staying fit, She’s Game Sports presents 10 ways to exercise while watching a game.

1.Invest in a Mini Elliptical

For around a hundred bucks you can get one of these. It weighs just 24 pounds and is 24 by 18 inches so  you can put it anywhere in the room.  Just don’t put it directly in front of the TV if others are watching. No matter how cute you think your bootie is, nobody wants to look at it in the middle of the game.  Save that action for later.


2. Cheer, scream and jump up and down

Science has proven that people who “fidget” a lot can burn up to 350 calories more per day.  If your body is in motion, it will burn more calories.  The trips to the fridge and bathroom count too.  Go to the potty that is furthest from the TV. Extra points for running up a flight of stairs.

3. Get off your butt at half time and go throw a football outside.

The degree of difficulty for this exercise increases during night games and heavy snowfall.  Do it anyway. The fresh air will clear your head.  FYI ladies, guys love a gal who can throw a football.

4. Work the arms and abs by getting creative with your surroundings.

One of our favorite exercises can be done in front of the fireplace or the closest step. They are called “Dips.”


5. Push up challenge

See how many push ups you can do during a commercial break. Get the guys to do it too. Men are into showing off with push ups.

6. Crunch time 

And you don’t have to wait until the game is on the line. Crunches are actually better for building strong abs than the full sit up. It’s a great way to blow off steam if your team is victimized by a bad call. Get down and do 50!

7.  Pace

Walking back and forth when the game is on the line is much healthier than just sitting there. We know some people who run to another room.  Don’t do that- you could miss something historic!

8. Fold laundry

This is multi-tasking at it’s best. Folding laundry is not up there with running a half marathon, but it is movement.  And after giving up a good chunk of your day to watching your team, you will also feel like you accomplished some meanial housework.

9. Musical chairs

If things are not going well for your team, have everyone in the room get up and change where they are sitting.  This is not a huge calorie burn, but it has been proven in some parts to change the karma.

10. Make a promise

Give yourself a break and commit to working off the Sunday calories on Monday. Be smart and make sure you get it in before the kickoff of Monday Night Football. 









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