Getting to know Kyle Van Noy

Published On October 14, 2019 | By Alice Cook

Some fun facts that might surprise you about the Patriots linebacker.

Van Noy was born in Reno, Nevada and was adopted at age 4 months by Kelly and Layne Van Noy.

He went to Brigham Young University where he met his wife, Marissa.

He likes hip-hop, fashion, and food.

“I just am just intrigued with different things,” he told the Boston Globe.

He likes food so much he started his own YouTube channel called “Vibin’ With the Van Noy’s“. Kyle also launched his own show, “Elite Eats.”

The format of the show revolves around visiting local restaurants, tasting the fare, and offering menu suggestions to the viewer.

“We eat, I ask them some questions and we just vibe, eating food all over Massachusetts, different places, ” says the foodie.

Van Noy likes to get his teammates involved in his off the field project. He recently took Devin McCourty to Boston Burger Company on Boylston Street.

A few weeks ago Stephon Gilmore tagged along for brunch at “The Farmer’s Daughter in North Easton.

As a member of the “Boogeymen” linebacking fraternity, he noticed an up tick on social media and opened up a T-shirt design contest for his Twitter followers.

Van Noy admits that he is a bit “quirky.”

“As a person he is a very weird dude,” McCourty said. “But once you get to know him he’s a pretty cool guy.”

“I’m just different, Van Noy” admits. “I’m able to hang out with whoever. I’m black and I’m white, so I’m able to hang out with everybody. “

“Kyle you’ll get to talk about a lot if you talk about food and all at the bourgie things in life,” McCourty said. “That’s when he could go forever. But it’s been awesome to get to know him.”

The Boogeymen have spoken. On and off the field.

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