Family first for an emotional Tom Brady

Published On February 1, 2017 | By Alice Cook

Twice in two days Tom Brady has been close to tears, and both times it’s been when he’s talked about family.

On Monday’s Super Bowl Media Night, Brady took a question from a 9 year old boy who asked who his hero was.
That’s a great question,” said Brady. “I think my dad is my hero because he is someone I look up to every day and…”
Brady then paused for moment and said again, “My dad.”

Mention of his dad, opened the door for Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy to press Brady about his father’s heavy criticism of NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell. When asked if Tom Sr.’s comments represent his own Brady said,

“Well, you know, no, I ‘d say my dad represents his feelings. You know, because he’s a dad and, you know I’m a dad and…”

Again Brady paused, this time for a good 15 seconds. As the throng of media waited for him to continue, Brady reached up to wipe a tear from his eye. Then he fiddled with the microphone. Once he composed himself he said one word.


During Tuesday’s media session a reporter asked Brady about his emotional response the night before.

It was then we learned that his father had only attended one of his son’s games this season, while his mother had been unable to attend any.

CSNNE‘s Tom Curran then reported that Brady’s mother Galynn has been dealing with an illness of 18 months.

“You just have different things that your family goes through in the course of your life, and it’s been a challenging year for my family for personal reasons,” Brady said. “It’ll be nice to have everyone here watching this weekend.”

When I was covering Brady and the Patriots I was often asked what Brady was like in an interview situation.
My answer was always the same. He was unfailingly polite and well mannered.

Over the past 17 years, fans and media have come to learn just how well Tom Brady plays football. Over that time, he has never changed the way he handles himself or the way he treats other people, even when he might have had good reason. As his fame grew, there were many irritating, silly and inappropriate questions. But I never heard him insult a reporter or make a flip or condescending remark.

Anyone can see that Tom Brady was raised right. That’s a testament to his parents, and probably his 3 older sisters.

When my own kids would ask me about Tom Brady, I would make a point to talk about his character and the way he treated others. I always saw him as a good role model. My kids who are now all in their 20’s still admire Brady as much for his character as for his football accomplishments.

Following his third Super Bowl in 2005, I had the chance to speak privately with Brady at the team’s after party. It was the first time that I ever talked to him away from a stadium or in a non-football atmosphere.

I congratulated Brady on another great season, and he said, “thanks for all your help this year Alice.”

A little corny maybe but it was nothing but sincere. He didn’t have to say it but he was being polite, and I will never forget it.

Like I said, he was raised right.

Tom Brady’s parents have every right to be proud of their son. They raised a “good kid” and that is the most any parent can hope for.


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