Cody Ross signs with D-Backs

Published On December 23, 2012 | By Karoline Zacharer

On Saturday, Cody Ross and the Arizona Diamondbacks agreed to a three-year, $26 million contract with an option for 2016. Ross had been a free agent, and for a little while it looked like he would be staying on with the Red Sox. However, they weren’t able to negotiate a contract that he could agree with.

“I don’t know what happened but we could never agree on terms; they thought I’d come back no matter what because they thought I loved playing there. And I did. Who wouldn’t love playing at Fenway Park?” said Ross. “I just wanted a fair deal. I told them what I wanted. I wasn’t trying to break the bank. They weren’t willing to do it.”

The trouble with the Red Sox apparently came from a disagreement in the length of Ross’ contract. Ross wanted three years, and the Sox only wanted him for two. The Red Sox also picked up two new outfielders, Jonny Gomes and Shane Victorino. The disagreement combined with the alternate talent being brought in made Ross realize that he should be looking elsewhere.

On Saturday, he tweeted his excitement to be heading out to Arizona.

Ross, who is a New Mexico native, lives in Arizona with his family. He will join a Diamondbacks outfield crew that includes players like Justin Upton, Jason Kubel and Adam Eaton. Both Upton and Eaton have had trade rumors swirling around them recently, so Ross could definitely be their replacement once deals have gone through.

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