Hall of Fame snubs “Roid Era” stars

Published On January 10, 2013 | By Karoline Zacharer

For the first time since 1996, the Baseball Writers of America voted in no new players into the Baseball Hall of Fame. The biggest story, however, is how widely they rejected the nominations of Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds. Clemens and Bonds were both in their first year of eligibility to be elected, and neither came even close to the 75 percent majority needed to earn a place in the hallowed halls of Cooperstown.

Clemens holds the record for the most Cy Young awards by a pitcher and Bonds is the reigning home run champion. Under normal circumstances, they would be a shoe-in for Hall of Fame spots. The catch? Both players’ careers were notably marked by the use of performance enhancing drugs.

“It takes time for history to sort itself out. I’m not surprised we had a shutout today. I wish we had an electee, but I’m not surprised given how volatile this era has been,” said Hall of Fame president Jeff Idleson.

In response to the news that no one had been elected, Clemens posted the following letter on his Twitter account:

After what has been written and said over the last few years I’m not overly surprised.

Thanks to all the teams I’ve worked with and to the fans and friends for all the fantastic letters, voice mails, and texts of support over the last few years.

To those who did take the time to look at the facts…we very much appreciate it.

“Muchie Peachie”


Despite the obvious snubbing, Clemens’ statement shows that he understands why the Baseball Writers of America chose not to bestow him with the greatest honor in his sport. After all, he did sit through Congressional hearings and countless hours courtrooms to help shed light on the steroid situation in the game.

Of course, this is just the first time that both Clemens and Bonds’ names will be on the ballot, and they will have more chances to be elected in. Only time will tell if the BBWA’s stance on steroids stays the same or if they decide to vote Clemens and Bonds in in the future.

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