Hockey season begins this week, fans rejoice

Published On January 13, 2013 | By Hung Vong

With the NFL in full swing and every remaining playoff game shown on prime-time sports coverage, many people may not be paying attention to the fact that hockey season is back. The season has been trimmed to 48 games, but it’s back nonetheless.

On Jan. 19, the NHL will drop its first puck in 113 days. The Boston Bruins host the New York Rangers that Saturday night. Already fans are making a resurgence on Twitter with the hashtag  #Bruinsareback. Here’s the entirety of the 2013 Bruins schedule.

Remember when Tyler Seguin made headlines after allegedly leaving his room in a mess during a stint in Switzerland? Well, he also scored 25 goals and dished out 15 assists for HC Biel. Seguin was also considered one of the National League A’s most dangerous players, according to a recent Globe article from Bruins writer Fluto Shinzawa.

“It feels great,” Seguin said in the article. “Bergy and I were a little surprised with how quick Marshy still is, even not playing like we were. He’s definitely looking good. It felt like the chemistry was right back where it was.”

On another note, here’s a picture of Bruins president Cam Neely signing and taking pictures with fans at Bruins’ camp practice.

The most recent lockout was back in 2004, when 301 days of stagnant negotiations went nowhere. Back in 1994, an 82-game season was also shortened to 48 games when there was a 103-day lockout. The result? A lot of unhappy fans, and small businesses reliant on the sport were endangered or just put out of business.

At least for 2013, nobody wants to look at the damage done quite yet. There’s no denial that perhaps millions had been squandered, but at long last, #hockeyisback.

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