Peyton Manning visit Ray Lewis after double OT loss

Published On January 13, 2013 | By Hung Vong

Some players want to fade away and try not to remember their hand in a historic loss for their franchise. Peyton Manning, though, was both classy and humble after the Baltimore Ravens upset the Denver Broncos in double overtime this Saturday.

After the game, Manning took his family into the Ravens’ locker room to look for Ray Lewis, according to Ravens media director Chad Steele, who posted a photo he took of the occasion on Twitter.

“Great moment @ 1.5 hours after the game, Peyton Manning and his family waited to congratulate @raylewis52,” Steele tweeted.

In visiting an old cliché, a picture is worth a thousand words, or just the 140 characters Twitter allows. As no other reporter was admittedly present, Steele’s photo should be treasured as a memorable part of one of the more crazy games between the two franchises. This will be the last time these two potential Hall of Famers will meet as opponents on a football field.

Lewis will play at least one more playoff game against the winner of the Texans-Patriots game this Sunday. Lewis said he would retire after the Ravens’ playoff run ends this season. In his 17-year career, Lewis was the fixture of his team’s defensive unit. In Saturday’s win over the Broncos, Lewis was everywhere on the field, making play after play.

Manning, on the other hand, has another offseason to enjoy. Before packing his things from the locker room for the very last time, Manning made a gesture to an opponent he clearly respects. Whatever he said in that locker room was between his family and Lewis. But for those of us who cheered for the Broncos, or rooted for the underdog, this occasion is revealing that sportsmanship is very much alive.

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