Several takeaways from the “dab-less” Super Bowl 50

Published On February 8, 2016 | By Alice Cook

Peyton Manning was the “big story” for the weeks of hype leading up to Super Bowl 50.  In the end the 39 year old Denver quarterback was more of a footnote.  Manning did enough.  He did not blow it for his team.  And most importantly he had a defense that did all the talking.

Sound familiar?  We saw the same routine against the Patriots in the AFC Championship game.  The Denver defense completely mauled Carolina quarterback Cam Newton just like they manhandled Tom Brady. There would be no “dabbin’” on this night.  The brash, smiling. dancing, dab happy Newton finished the night 18 of 41 with no touchdowns (therefore no dabbin’) and one interception. He was also sacked 6 times.

Out there somewhere is a group of Patriots offensive linemen saying, ” Not so easy, is it?”

Cam Newton finished the night with a 7 minute news conference that featured mostly one word answers.  The normally snazzy dresser met the media in a black hoodie, not so fashionably pulled over his head.

We still don’t know if Peyton is retiring, but we do know the win was big enough for the Manning’s to pull their kids out of school.

“Ashley and I, we’ll have that talk at some point, but we are going to enjoy this tonight and celebrate,” Manning said after the game. “Our kids are four and they are in Pre-K and the teachers say, you really shouldn’t pull them out of school. We are pulling them out! We are going somewhere and we are going to get the heck out of town.”

Sure hope those 4 year old Manning kids can catch up on their homework when they return to pre-school.

It was a strange game.  Kind of like old time football.  You know, remember the 60’s?  Me either.

Here are my top ten moments from Super Bowl 50.

Tom Brady:

The 4 time Super Bowl champ gets booed in his hometown.  Brady did the right thing to show up for the Super Bowl MVP reunion. He looked cool in his designer suit and sunglasses. His half- hearted wave was greeted with a shower of boos thanks to all those Broncos fans in attendance.  What sore winners they are.

Von Miller:

The Broncos linebacker was in beast mode.  Miller led a Denver defense that will be remembered for a Super Bowl record 7 sacks. They also forced 4 turnovers.  It looked like men against boys for most of the night.

Peyton Manning:

Does he really have to wait a few days to decide on his retirement?  Dude, you have been through 4 neck surgeries and have broken numerous records.  Please, just call it a day.

Cam Newton:

You are young, you are talented, you are bold and you are a really a good dabber.  Be classy in defeat.

DeMarcus Ware:

You are the man.  You told CBS This Morning that “Super Bowl 50 was ours to take.”  You took it and you looked really good doing it.


I still don’t get the Super Bowl Baby thing.  Does it mean you were conceived on a Super Bowl Sunday or born on a Super Bowl Sunday?  If it’s a conception thing,  I am not buying it.  Valentine’s Day is a week to 10 days after every Super Bowl.  That is when the babies are made.


Coldplay is a great band with actual real singers and instrumentation. It wasn’t quite the same as watching Katie Perry ride in on an animatronic lion.  She was a tough act to follow.  Bruno Mars is always a favorite, even with the lip syncing. (Nobody can dance like that and sing at the same time.)  And Beyonce. How could she ever disappoint? She was less snarky than last time, and still has a better tush than any Kardashian.

More commercials:

Creepy baby monkey was disturbing. Guy talking to beer tap for ShockTop Beer was excellent.  And my personal favorite, the herd of sheep singing Queen.

There is always next year:

Vegas has already come out with the odds for next years contenders. New England, Seattle and Pittsburgh are early favorites.


Christina Aguilera nailed it. How wonderful to acknowledge  our troops around the world with a beautiful rendition and a picture perfect fly over.  The Super Bowl is and always will be a great day for America. We love our football.


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