Red Sox finally sign Mike Napoli

Published On January 17, 2013 | By Tyler Scionti

The Red Sox have been busy as of late, and it appears that the roster for 2013 is finally coming together. Here are just a few updates on the latest moves of the day.

Mike Napoli:

The Red Sox sealed the deal, well sealed a deal that was nearly two months in the making. The Sox reportedly signed Mike Napoli to a three year $39 million deal in Dec. yet have just announced a new deal today to make Napoli officially a part of the Red Sox.

Some time in late Dec. the Sox encountered several issues regarding Napoli’s past injury history. Now they have worked the deal down to one year and $5 million, which allows them a great deal of flexibility. There are also some reports of the Sox seeking a backup first baseman to provide some security.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia:

“Salty” was one of many players eligible for arbitration, and the Sox reached a one year $4.5 million deal. Saltalamacchia was one of the few bright spots last season; long coveted by Theo Epstein Salty showed us his true potential. Saltalamacchia led the team in homeruns, the first time a catcher has done so since Carlton Fisk bashed 26 in 1977.

There are still many questions surrounding Saltalamacchia though, as of now the Red Sox have four catchers (including Mike Napoli). Does Ben Cherington have something up his sleeve before Spring Training? The Sox could use a new pitcher and with money freed up from Mike Napoli’s deal they have the ability to sign or trade for a new piece for the bullpen or the starting rotation.

That’s the news for today, there are bound to be many more deals made as the Sox reach terms with the eight other players eligible for arbitration.

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