Michael Jordan has more baby mama drama

Published On March 31, 2013 | By Kimberly Petalas

Michael Jordan is not done with Pamela Smith just yet.

Jordan and Smith had a romance back in 1995, and although she had no intention of suing him, her son, Grant Reynolds, wanted Jordan to recognize him as his son.  Her son, also known as “Taj,” was born in June 1996.

Smith filed a paternity suit on Feb. 8 in Fulton County, Georgia. She went after Jordan claiming Reynolds is his son. She asked a judge to order a DNA test to make the paternity official. Jordan denied the child was his and then, rather suddenly, Pamela dismissed the suit without explanation.

Now, Jordan is ready to turn the tables and counter-sue Smith for all the trouble she has caused him.

He has filed legal documents asking the courts to open the case so he can counter-sue Smith, suing her for his court cost and other sanctions that have not yet been.

This is not Jordan’s first time dealing with baby mama drama, either. In 1991, Karla Knafel claimed Jordan was supposed to pay her $5 million to keep their relationship a secret and to not file a paternity suit. An Illinois judge determined that Jordan did not owe her the money, and a DNA test showed that Jordan was not the father of her child.

Jordan is set to marry  fiancee Yvette Prieto on April 27 in Palm Beach, Florida. Jordan has asked those attending to keep the wedding on the down-low. He is asking all guests to not speak to the media or release any details. He also asks that no photos be taken at the wedding.

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