Shanda Sounds Off: Burning Welker Jerseys and Tiger Woods Love

Published On March 19, 2013 | By Shanda Foster

Angry Welker Fans Burn Jerseys

Last week after LA Dodger Carl Crawford finally opened up about his adversity with the media while working in Boston, one  main question was asked: “Are Boston fans too tough on our athletes?”

In the wake of free agency, the release of Patriots WR Wes Welker has left a sour taste in the mouth of Boston fans. However, the signing of Welker to the Denver Broncos has caused an even larger upset among fans.

Angry fans showed their displeasure of the wide receiver and his disloyalty by burning Welker jerseys and recording it. Videos popped up all over You Tube this week along with a lot of unsatisfied narration.

Have we already forgetten that in the five years Wes Welker served here, he dominated passing game for the Pats? In just his first season with New England, he set an NFL record for most catches with a new team and finished with 1,175 yards and eight touchdowns. He continued to be a clutch player through Brady’s season-ending injury year in 2008 up until his own injury in 2009. We’re upset when our players don’t produce but we’re so quick to forget when our athletes are on top.

So, for a man who has helped take this team as far as they have gone and broken so many records without being franchised, I say give the man credit where it’s due and move on. The Patriots haven’t seen the last of Wes Welker. You better believe they will see him in the playoffs. Just as a reminder for when that time comes …

Former Eagle Says He’s Experiencing Memory Loss from Concussions

Former Eagle Brian Westbrook is suffering from short-term memory loss. According to the Associated Press, since leaving the NFL, Westbrook can’t remember names or facts and information after a short span. He attributes the problems he’s having to serious concussions he suffered during his nine-year career on the field.

The 33-year-old has become an advocate for head injury education and prevention in hopes of educating others about the seriousness surrounding CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, a degenerative disease caused by multiple concussions that can be diagnosed only after death). Symptoms linked to the disease are memory loss, suicidal tendencies, aggression and depression.

As of 2012, over thirty former NFL athletes have been diagnosed with CTE including retired NFL player Junior Seau, who committed suicide in 2012.

Stephon Marbury named assistant coach of Beijing Ducks

Ex-NBA baller Stephon Marbury is living it up overseas, so much so that he may never come home from China. Since leaving the NBA, Marbury has signed on as the star of the Beijing Ducks of the Chinese Basketball Association. The city loves him so much there that they built a statue of him in the city, according to Pro Basketball Talk.

Now, the ex-Celtic has confirmed rumors that he will be signing on to become assistant coach for the team. Marbury told BTV he will be acting assistant coach for Beijing as they begin training for the China National Games, which happen once every four years. The 36-year-old will work under his CBA coach Min Lulei during this time.

Marbury finally appears happy after constant commotion following his depart from Boston. It’s good to see him fitting in somewhere and earning a living doing what he loves. Others that ventured overseas for fresh starts include former Celtic Tony Delk and Tracy McGrady.

Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods Announce Relationship

Photo of Vonn: Mitchell Gunn-USA TODAY Sports Photo of Woods: Brad Barr - USA TODAY Sports

Photo of Vonn: Mitchell Gunn-USA TODAY Sports
Photo of Woods: Brad Barr – USA TODAY Sports

After much speculation between Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn and golfer Tiger Woods, the two have announced they are dating. Both Woods and Vonn took to their Facebook pages to make their announcements.

Tiger Woods: “This season has been great so far and I’m happy with my wins at Torrey and Doral,” Woods said. ”Something nice that’s happened off the course was meeting Lindsey Vonn. Lindsey and I have been friends for some time, but over the last few months we have become very close and are now dating.”

Lindsey Vonn: ”I guess it wasn’t a well-kept secret but yes, I am dating Tiger Woods. Our relationship evolved from a friendship into something more over these past few months and it has made me very happy.”

Rumors of the two dating began two months ago when photos surfaced of the two in Austria boarding Woods’ private jet and another in Doral, Fla. heading for Woods’ yacht “Privacy” following his win at the Cadillac Championship. Good luck to the two. They look happy.

Photo of the Week:

Manti Teo Irish Float Photo – Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Photo via

Photo via

Over the weekend, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations meant lots of parties, drinks and parades. One particularly creative float that made headlines was created down in Baton Rouge, La. and made fun of Manti Te’o, reading: “IRISH My Girlfriend Was Real” along with a football jersey donning the No. 5.

Video of the Week:

The Pick and Wink Guy

This video of the analysts talking at the beginning of the Trailblazers game seems normal, but the man in the background who picks his nose and then winks at the camera is gross and hilarious at the same time. Who does that?

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