First career home run “bittersweet” for Boston native

Published On April 16, 2013 | By Tyler Scionti

While the first career home run is often a moment of exuberant joy and a day to remember forever, for Nate Freiman of the Oakland A’s it was not as joyous as it should have been. While the tragedy at the Boston Marathon has affected everyone in the Massachusetts area, it seems that the pain and sadness stretches all the way to the West Coast, at least for this particular former Boston native.

Freiman grew up in Boston, right around the halfway point of the Boston Maratho,n and remembers many annual Patriots’ Day celebrations as he watched the runners with his family. While his three run shot against the Houston Astros will certainly be a moment that he will treasure, he cannot shake the sadness that plagued him, his family, and everyone in Boston on Monday afternoon.

“It was bittersweet,” Freiman said, “It was a great night here. But Boston is in our prayers.”

Best of luck to Freiman and his career, it certainly is a shame that a night that should be filled with such joy was instead filled with great sadness. Continued thoughts and prayers to the people of Boston and those all over the country who were affected by the tragedy on Monday.

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