Doc Rivers and others offer words of encouragement

Published On April 16, 2013 | By Tyler Scionti

Many residents of Boston and beyond have raised a cry to the injustice done to the Boston Marathon, its participants, and fans this past Monday. Celtics coach Doc Rivers who lives in the area has spoken out to the media about the tragedy and has become a rallying voice behind the people of Boston.

The Celtics cancelled their Tuesday night game versus the Pacers, but Rivers is quick to point out that the cancellation is out of respect, not fear. Like many, Rivers was frightened after the incident, it was completely unexpected and for it to hit so close to home comes as a great shock. After the initial fear, a sense of resolve set in as Bostonians all around come together.

“You’re angry, too,” Rivers said. “I think that starts now. … When you keep thinking about it, it does make you very angry at what happened. And that’s because you love the city.”

Rivers then added that to show fear is not the way to go. Boston is a strong and proud city and showing fear is not the solution. We are Boston-strong after all, this is a time to band together and not give in.

“We want to return things as soon as possible back to normal, because that tells whoever did this that you don’t stop the spirit of Boston,” Rivers said. “We are going to be back, we’re going to work the same, we’re going to play the same, we’re going to do things the same … and there’s nothing you can do to stop us from doing this.”

Rivers is not the only Boston athlete who has been speaking his mind. Several Boston athletes have taken to Twitter and related social media sites to offer their condolences to those affected while also serve as a symbol of inspiration.

Red Sox Third baseman Will Middlebrooks has been very active on Twitter, continuously responding to fans while posting messages of encouragement. His first tweet read, “Wrong city to mess with… #Boston.”

It certainly has been nothing short of inspirational. Keep checking for more updates and keep an eye out to see what your favorite Boston athlete has been tweeting as of late. A big thanks to Doc Rivers, Will Middlebrooks, and others who have stepped up to take charge.

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