Hamilton gets a rude reception in Texas

Published On April 7, 2013 | By Tyler Scionti

Angels slugger Josh Hamilton had to know that his return to the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington would not be a joyous occasion, but I don’t think he was quite prepared for the ugly reception he got when the Angels rolled into town.

It happens all the time, a player’s contract ends and he looks to go to the highest bidder. While many players stay faithful to their teams no matter what, some put their financial needs and those of their family first. Many fans may be upset, but can you really fault a player for leaving? According to the fans in Texas, you most certainly can.

According to Hamilton, the Rangers fans crossed the line. The made lewd comments to his wife, and referenced his past drug addiction—all in front of his children. When asked what he thought about the comments from the fans Hamilton didn’t say much, just a short quip to express his frustration.

“Just guys being ugly, inappropriate to my wife,” Hamilton said.

He later elaborated though a bit when it came to the fans’ references to his drug addiction.

“Anytime people bring up people’s mistakes and throws it in their face, that always crosses the line,” he said. “Even at my most high time if I went to a game or something, I never had that in me to do that to somebody. It always makes you wonder and think ‘What are people thinking?'”

Hamilton’s biggest worry is the impact this will have on his young children. A day at the ballpark is supposed to be a moment of family oriented fun, a day that is safe and enjoyable for all. Hamilton isn’t too worried though, and he sees this as an opportunity for his children to learn a little something about the world, and how to take the high road no matter how hard it is.

“It was a great lesson for my kids to understand how people can be,” Hamilton said. “It was wonderful lesson. They understand. They get it. They understand they put their trust in faith in God, not man, period.”

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