Herald reporter bashes Dane Cook after OneFund Concert

Published On May 31, 2013 | By Francesca Pelletier

When self-described comedian Dane Cook took the stage at Thursday night’s Boston Strong concert to benefit the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings, only members of the audience had the opportunity to view his comical performance.  The vulgar comedian was the lone artist who blocked his performance from the live stream audience during the charity event on Thursday night.

Later in the evening Cook took to Twitter to convey his excuse as to why his set was not available to the public viewing.

“Hey everyone sorry my set was not a part of the live stream or televised! I didn’t want any of the new material to hit the airwaves yet,” the comedian explained on his Twitter account.

The excuse seems to defeat the entire purpose of the memorable and emotional evening. Many were upset about Cook’s decision, and the Boston Herald’s Jeff Howe did his part in making sure Cook was well aware of the irony of his actions.

“So, @DaneCook blocks the stream of a charity show for Boston. Way to be a sellout, bub,” Howe tweeted early Friday morning. He continued his criticism towards Cook by again tweeting, “Hey, @DaneCook, care to share why you think you’re better than everyone else who played at the #OneFund show?”

Howe, NESN’s former Patriots writer, was not just expressing personal feelings towards Cook.  The emotional reporter spoke for the people of the aching city when he went on to say, “Hey @DaneCook, you can hide behind your millions, but your fellow Bostonians can see how you changed your face. That’s weak pal.”

Howe ended his Twitter rampage with Cook jokingly, “I’m done for the night. Hey @DaneCook, can we set up a #OneFund charity event? I’m down for anything.”

It seems that not only did Cook mess with the wrong city, but he messed with the wrong reporter.

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