Rosenhaus out, Jay-Z in jokes Gronkowski following fourth forearm surgery

Published On May 31, 2013 | By Francesca Pelletier

Rob Gronkowski has had quite the offseason.  With several arm surgeries completed and a back surgery scheduled for the near future; one would think Gronk’s mind would be anything but fun and games.  But, once again, Gronk has us fooled. With his forearm severed open and the anesthesia still fresh in his system, Rob Gronkowski still managed to keep his sense of humor, and this time his latest victim was his agent, Drew Rosenhaus. Just minutes after Gronkowski was released from his arm infection surgery, Rosenhaus explains the cruel joke Rob played on him.

“Typical Rob. As soon as he woke up, he joked, ‘Hey, I’m firing you,’” Rosenhaus told SportsCenter. “I said, ‘What?’ He said, ‘Yeah, I’m letting you go. I’m going to hire Jay-Z.’”

Jay-Z, who climbed into the sports agency world when he signed Yankees second-baseman, Robinson Cano last month, has additionally been tied to rookie Jets Quarterback, Geno Smith and women’s college basketball sensation, Skylar Diggins.  Gronkowski, who seriously has no intentions of canning Rosenhaus, did not have his agent fooled for long with his latest stunt.

“He was joking with me.  That’s the great Rob Gronkowski.  Immediately after surgery in the recovery room he’s cracking jokes about letting me go as his agent,” Rosenhaus explained in last week’s interview. “He’s one of a kind.  Nothing’s going to slow this guy down. He’s a ton of run to represent and an amazing client.”

Rosenhaus went on to explain that the forearm surgeries have gone exceptionally well and the back surgery planned is happening at the best time possible.

“I just think he’s going to have a very long, Hall of Fame career, and I don’t anticipate this difficult stretch that he’s had to be a long-term factor for him,” Rosenhaus expressed to SportsCenter.

Rosenhaus has helped Rob Gronkowski land his six-year, $54 million dollar extension with the Patriots this time last year and has helped keep Rob in line in the public eye.  With those numbers and that responsibility, it looks like Gronkowski will not be contacting Jay-Z anytime soon.

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