Where to buy “Boston Strong” gear to benefit One Fund

Published On May 1, 2013 | By Kimberly Petalas

There is a lot of buzz surrounding all Boston Strong merchandise. Most people buy it to help support the One Fund, but what people may not realize is that not every Boston Strong T-shirt sale gives money to the One Fund. Here is a list of a few places where you can buy merchandise that donates to the cause.


1. Ink to the People: This website has gotten a lot of media buzz. Their shirts cost $20, and 75% is donated to the One Fund. Understandably they need to keep some money in order to actually print the shirts, but they aren’t making any profits for themselves off these shirts.


2. Game Day Boston: Not long after Ink to the People started their shirts, many others started making them as well. Game Day Boston will donate all proceeds from this shirt to the One Fund. They do not say specifically how much, but you know at least something is being donated.


3. Declaration Clothing: This is one not many people have seen. It is not Boston Strong, but it is Boston with the American colors. It is as full of pride as the other shirts, and many people don’t know about it. 100% of the profit from this shirt will go to the One Fund.


4. Zazzle: Zazzle is known for their custom shirts, but they also have many created just for Boston in light of the recent tragedy. This one is Red Sox inspired, but feel free to look around at many of their other designs. There is a section under the picture that will tell you if the proceeds will go to the One Fund. The proceeds from this shirt do.


5. Boston Strong Tanks: This is a tiny website. It has two shirts: this tank top and the same as a T-shirt. They have raised over $5,000 so far for the One Fund, and all continued proceeds will keep going to the fund.


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