Iverson Denies Kidnapping His Own Children, Claims Wife Never Picked Them Up

Published On June 19, 2013 | By Tyler Scionti

It seems that something as simple as a visit to dad can be thrown into a confusing legal situation such as the one that has enveloped former NBA star Allen Iverson. Iverson’s ex-wife, Tawanna filed court documents claiming that Iverson had kidnapped their own children after she allowed him to take them on a brief vacation.

According to Tawanna Iverson, the former basketball player requested to take their five children on a short vacation, but when the time came to pick the kids up, Tawanna said Iverson refused to meet her and disappeared. Tawanna claims Iverson said he would take the children, aged 3-16, on a trip to Charlotte, but after a series of failed attempts to get her children back, Tawanna said she began to suspect that there was never a trip involved. Rather, she claimed that Iverson was holding them captive in a hotel in Georgia.

Iverson then reported to a hearing as he faced the accusations from his ex-wife, which he said were false. Iverson claimed that his ex-wife could have picked up the kids any time but chose not to do so. The children were returned after the hearing, and you can bet there were glad to get past this ordeal as they are now safe and sound at home.

Neither side has offered any comment to the media, keeping their interaction limited to the courtroom as the drama unfolds. Whether Iverson actually kidnapped his own kids is debatable. His behavior is hard to explain, but this is not the first time his ex-wife has tried to get him in trouble with the law.

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