Heat Fans Beg Re-Entry After Leaving Game 6 OT Thriller Early

Published On June 19, 2013 | By Sarah Kirkpatrick

In today’s really ridiculously stupid people news, let’s take a look at some Miami Heat ‘fans’ that left Tuesday night’s Game 6 overtime thriller early.

When the Heat were trailing to the San Antonio Spurs by five points with 28 seconds remaining in regulation, hordes of Miami fans made way for the exits.

After airballing a 3-pointer, LeBron James got the ball back on a rebound from teammate Mike Miller and made the shot from almost the same location to bring the Heat within two. Spurs swingman Kawhi Leonard missed one of two crucial free throws, allowing Miami’s Ray Allen to make a nearly impossible three from the corner and tie the game.

When the Miami fans heard about the comeback, they banged on the doors of American Airlines Arena, begging to be let back in. They were so desperate that the police had to come in order to keep them from forcing their way back in.

Guess they missed that whole “no re-entry” rule in, well, every single sporting venue in the country?

Twenty-eight seconds is a long time in basketball, and it’s an eternity in the postseason. Anyone who has watched playoff ball before knows that. Teams foul, take timeouts, do anything in a last-ditch effort to extend a series. Twenty seconds in game time can take 20 minutes in real time. Five points is only a two-possession deficit. You can make a pair of free throws, get a stop, make a three, and it’s a tie game. That’s a relatively basic basketball concept.

Miami gets trashed often for its seemingly less-than-loyal fans. Tuesday night was a perfect example of why. I’m a firm believer that it’s not over till it’s over, and you should never leave a game until the final buzzer sounds. No matter how badly your team is losing, they’re still your team, and I’d stay to the end to applaud my team for a valiant effort that season — especially considering however many thousands of dollars I spent on playoff tickets. It would maybe be understandable if Miami were trailing by 10 or 15. But five points? Shame on you, Miami fans.

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