Shanda Sounds Off: Jail, Hospitalizations and Tim Tebow

Published On June 12, 2013 | By Shanda Foster

Video of the Week: Jimmy Kimmel Mean Tweets – NBA Edition

Ever wonder what athletes think of the tweets people compose about them? Well leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to mix the two together. Find out the reactions of some of NBA’s hottest stars when they read some of the worst tweets about them. It’s pretty funny, take a look!

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson Sentenced to Jail After Slapping Attorney’s Behind

And just when you think Ochocinco finally got it together, he does something like this! Chad Johnson can’t seem to get it right. We all know he’s been in and out of court lately. On Monday, Johnson and his attorney stood before the judge regarding the violation of his recent probation following a domestic violence case. It seemed as though Johnson’s attorney had a fool-proof plan. The judge was ready to finalize the terms of Chad’s future, which included another years’ probation, two therapy sessions a week and no jail time.

Then, things went south when the judge asked Johnson if he was happy with his attorney. The ex-NFL star replied, “Yes, he’s awesome,” and playfully slapped the attorney on the behind. Instantly, the court room erupted in a wave of laughter. The judge immediately had a change of heart and lashed out to Johnson about his inappropriate behavior in the court room. If that wasn’t enough, she threw the paperwork aside and refused the deal on the table, kicking Johnson out of her court room with an automatic 30 days in jail.

Now, I like to consider myself as someone with a great sense of humor but one of the places I wouldn’t be goofing off is in front of the judge. Chad, you’re a funny guy, but get it together. Everything isn’t a joke. If you ever want to get back into the NFL, there’s two things you need to do: 1. Catching the football is key; 2. Learn when to joke.

Any takers on whether or not this 30 day sentence plays out in its entirety?

Ex-Oilers Coach Fired via Skype

Being let go from a job is something that is never easy for anyone to deal with, nevermind being fired over a social network. Former Edmonton Oilers coach Ralph Krueger says that’s exactly what happened to him. Krueger says that he was fired by Oilers GM Craig MacTavish via Skype while vacationing in Switzerland.

“This past Thursday he requested that I accept him on Skype, so that he could Skype me,” Krueger said. “When the conversation began he got right to the message, that he felt it was necessary to hire a new head coach. That’s the way it went. The conversation was short.”

Wow! It’s pretty low to be fired during your time away on vacation, but it’s even lower to be fired over Skype. Is there no loyalty? Were the Oilers wrong for the way they let Krueger go? Sound off in the comments below!

How will Tebow to the Pats work?

Tim Tebow has finally found a home – for now. Despite much commentary about the former Bronco’s NFL career being over, Tebow signed with the Patriots and showed up to New England’s mini-camp. There’s lots of speculation about the role the former quarterback will play with the Pats, and after an uneventful season with the Jets, New England is one of the best places he can be. Bill Belichick and the Patriots have made it their business to actually teach the willing that are brought into Gillette Stadium.

Coach B always has something up his sleeve, and if he has Tim Tebow in his camp, you better believe he has a plan for him. Rumors are swirling around the league that the team will try Tebow at tight end. I know you all didn’t think the Pats would bring him in as quarterback. Although, with a superstar like Brady training him, we could see a different athlete in TT. Besides, it’s not as if the team has much to lose by taking him on. If anything, we could see a situation where the Jets regret throwing Tebow away – that is if he lasts through New England’s rigorous training camp. How do you see Tim Tebow fitting into the Patriots scheme? Sound off with your comments below!

Shawne Merriman Hospitalized, Says It Wasn’t Drugs

Former NFL lineman Shawne Merriman was hospitalized Sunday night while partying at a Hollywood nightclub with what is being described as a “medical emergency”. According to the Los Angeles Times, the former Charger was rushed to Cedar Sinai Medical Center after partying at The Colony nightclub and was barely conscious when he arrived. Sources told the Times that Merriman overdosed after ingesting an unspecified combination of alcohol and drugs. Merriman later got on Twitter and denied the overdose, saying he was just dehydrated and once he got to the hospital, “got fluids and felt fine”.

He was so fine that he returned to the club after he was released from the emergency room to finish partying. Does anyone else think that it’s strange for someone to leave the club in an emergency, “get fluids” and to go back to finish partying? I guess the key to kicking an overdose these days is to stay hydrated. We’ll file this under “Strange Activity”.

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