Hallelujah! Let’s sing it. Brady is free.

Published On September 3, 2015 | By Alice Cook

Cue the choir.  Judge Richard M. Berman shoots down Roger Goodell and Tom Brady’s 4 game suspension.  It’s music to the ears for every New England Patriot’s fan.  Let’s hear the choir sing it to the mountains.  Hallelujah!

It’s been 7 months of torture.  Deflategate took away our winter, spring and summer. There was enough discussion on sports talk radio to make our heads explode.  Now we can actually discuss what’s most important- THE FOOTBALL SEASON.

Deflated balls have become part of our everyday conversation.  We have all become scientific experts on PSI.  We have heard Bill Belichick reference the Mona Lisa Vito.  We listened to  Tom Brady talk about how liked his balls.  We heard Patriots owner Robert Kraft demand an apology from the NFL on the eve of the Super Bowl.  We saw parodys  on every late night show.  Saturday Night Live  had their biggest field day since Tina Fey played Sarah Palin.

The Patriot haters were out in full force. “They hate us cause they ain’t us” became New England’s mantra. Now they’ll hate us even more.  Forget the NFL appeal. Roger Goodell has been exposed for who he is- a man who makes 40 million dollars a year and has no clue how to dole out punishment.  A wife beater and a child abuser were originally given less punishment than a quarterback who was judged to be “generally aware” of  air being let out of his game balls.  Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson were eventually dismissed for the 2014 season, but not before the Commissioner faced a fury of distain and disapproval.

In full disclosure I have always been a big fan of Tom Brady, and not just for his proven ability to lead his team to championships.  I  covered the team day in and day out for ten years and never once witnessed Brady treat a member of the media or anyone else with anything but respect.  When people ask me about Brady’s personality my answer is “you can tell he was raised right.”

I had no problem with Brady not turning over his phone or asking his assistant to destroy it. And never once did I believe Brady disrespected the integrity of the game.

So take that, John Harbaugh.   You just couldn’t stand that you were out smarted in that playoff game with those random “eligible receivers.”   Brady said it best after the game when he suggested you “check out the rule book.”

Enjoy your day Tom Brady.  Your new phone must be blowing up with all those congratulatory texts.  Make sure you save them all just in case anyone wants to confiscate your phone again.

The removal of the four game suspension sets the stage for the Patriots getting the ultimate last laugh…a  win at Super Bowl 50 in Palo Alto, California on February 7th, 2016.

Justice is served.  Cue the choir one more time.

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