Bogaerts sidelined with concussion

Published On August 25, 2014 | By Tyler Scionti

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It seems like every time we check the reports on the Sox, they’ve lost another player due to injuries. While any injury is a serious concern, Xander Bogaerts’ Friday night scare brought some extra cause for concern.

On Friday night Bogaerts took an errant Felix Hernandez change up off the side of his head. Now this is a King Felix change up mind you, clocked around 89mph. So it might as well have been a fastball, and believe me it had the same effect. After a big scare at the plate, Bogaerts maintained that he was ok but was still taken out of the game as a precaution.

A few days later and Bogaerts hasn’t shown much improvement as he displays the classic symptoms of a minor concussion, despite all that the kid maintains he is all right.

“It’s been getting better,” said Bogaerts. “I feel good, but I think it’s just something to be safe, just to make sure that I’m fully healthy when I come back. … I haven’t been on the DL at all, so that will be a long five days without doing baseball.”

Concussions are always a concern nowadays, especially when it comes to a sport where full grown men are flinging baseballs at 90+mph. A young star like Bogaerts taking a ball off the wrong area could see his career take a nose dive, much like the ill-fated Tony Conigliaro who’s bright future was cut short after taking a ball off the temple.

Bogaerts will be placed on the seven-day DL, until then his best bet at getting better is plenty of bed rest and fluids, unlike a broken bone there is no real time table for a concussion as it largely depends on the circumstances of the injury. Until then we hope Bogaerts has a speedy recovery and is no worse for wear when he returns!

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