Wes Welker’s hairy situation

Published On July 24, 2012 | By shesgamesports

Wes Welker recently got hair transplant surgery (David Butler II-US PRESSWIRE)

Wes Welker, the Patriots wide receiver, received a hair transplant performed by Dr. Robert Leonard a few weeks ago. Most people relate hair loss and hair transplant surgery with old age and massive hair loss. So why would Welker, who is only 31, already be getting hair transplant surgery? Sources say that Welker, who looked to have a healthy head of hair, was concerned about losing his flow.

Although there comes a negative stigma with the idea of hair loss and hair transplant surgery, Welker has commented that there is no reason to be embarrassed about getting the transplant surgery. Having Wes Welker as a proud, public patient is going to generate more success and business for Dr. Leonard’s practice. With Welker so open about his transplant surgery, it gives other men more confidence to make the same decision and not feel ashamed about it.

The hair transplant procedure normally takes up to five hours and consists of removing a “donor strip” which is used to implant hair follicles in the area of hair loss. Most patients begin to see results four months after their transplant surgery once the grafted hair follicles move out and make way for the permanent hair to grow.

Dr. Leonard is one of the best hair loss specialists in Massachusetts and Rhode Island and has treated many other well-known men, not afraid or ashamed of their hair loss. Some well-known patients of Dr. Leonard include former Boston Bruin Lyndon Byers, radio host of Mix 104.1 Fast Freddy and Rhode Island radio host John Bina.

Welker should be seeing results from his surgery within the next few months but is allowed to resume normal activities and wear a helmet. He will also be working with Dr. Leonard in future advertisements to promote the hair transplant procedure.

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