Warm welcomes greet Welker in his return to New England

Published On June 20, 2013 | By Francesca Pelletier

A warm welcome was given to Wes Welker Wednesday night, when the new Denver Broncos receiver returned to the New England area for the first time since he parted ways with the city and teams this offseason.  Welker, who was here for a hair transplant promotional event with doctor Robert Leonard, said his return has been filled with gratitude.

“It’s been great.  It was really cool, walking around Boston and people have been walking up and just been thankful for everything and stuff like that,” Welker told reporters in Brookline, Ma. “People tonight are being very gracious.”

Welker, who spent six seasons with the New England Patriots, did admit that he was nervous about the reaction he was going to receive and the sadness that comes with leaving a place you called home for so long.

“I was afraid that they might throw stones at me or something,” he joked. “It made me a little bit sad because you had so many years here and such a great time and everything else. But you try not to think about it too much, move onto the future and always hope for the best.”

Although he may not be connected to the Patriots anymore, he still has strong ties with longtime pal, Tom Brady. Brady and Welker spent those six seasons together not only as teammates, but as acquaintances off the field, as well.

“Tom and I are obviously very close, so I talked to him every once in a while,” the receiver said of his past quarterback.  He also explained that although Brady wasn’t happy with the news of Welker’s signing with Denver, they still remained friends when it was all said and done.

“I don’t know if I ever said he was angry,” Welker explained about the rumors of his past teammate’s thoughts on the matter. “I think I just said we’re obviously really good friends, and so any time you lose a friend from your team, like we have over the past, you have it every year, you’re upset about it.  I never said he was angry.”

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