Broncos players help heal some wounded victims after Colorado shooting

Published On July 23, 2012 | By shesgamesports

As one of the worst shootings in years, the Colorado movie theater shooting caught the attention of the entire nation. Many people were plagued with sorrow by the reality of the shooting that left 12 people dead and 58 others wounded.

In a show of support, members of the Denver Broncos visited some of the hospitalized survivors Sunday. Among the people reaching out to the surviving victims were six current and one retired Denver Broncos players. Brian Dawkins (former safety), Ben Garland (defensive end), Eric Decker (wide receiver), Joe Mays (linebacker), Jacob Tamme (tight end), Chris Kuper (offensive tackle) and Ryan Clady (offensive tackle).

Players also met with some of the nurses and doctors that were on-call early Friday morning when the shooting occurred. The staff the players met with were the people who first treated the variety of wounded victims rushed out of the movie theater.

The Broncos players’ visit was meant to lift the spirits of those wounded in the terrifying shooting, but many of the players said they benefited from the visit as well. Tamme tweeted that he “had no idea what to expect walking in those doors. But the staff, victims & families were so impressive. The loss of life is so tragic, but the spirit, resolve, & gratitude in that hospital was just so awesome.”

Peyton Manning, the Broncos quarterback, was unable to make the visit to the hospital, but made calls to a few victims to lift their spirits instead.

It is hard to imagine what it’s like to experience such a horror, and to live through such a tragedy is permanently scarring. Every little act of kindness can make a world of a difference, and that is exactly what the Broncos players were able to do for some of the victims of the Colorado theater shooting.

The Broncos visiting a survivor of the Aurora, Colo. shooting. (Photo from

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