Frustration only continues to build for Red Sox

Published On July 24, 2012 | By shesgamesports

Frustration has been building quickly for the Red Sox as they drop below .500 and just can’t seem to get back on their feet. It has become apparent that many players feel annoyed and defeated by their recent play.

After Monday night’s loss to the Rangers, Dustin Pedroia voiced his frustrations to reporters.

“I think we’re all miserable,” Pedroia said. “Nobody in here likes losing. We want to win, every single one of us.”

Something seems to not be clicking for the Red Sox. If the will and the want to win is there, then their play needs to start reflecting their desire to win or losses is all the Red Sox will find in the future.

A lot of the frustration comes from lack of good, consistent pitching from the Red Sox bullpen. One frustrated player who is not happy with the way the season is turning out is pitcher Jon Lester. In his most recent outing, Lester allowed 10 runs on 11 hits through just four innings.

“I’ve let my team down a lot this year,” Lester told reporters in his post-game press conference. “It’s hard for me to walk around this clubhouse and look guys in the eye right now. I’m not pitching well. I’m not doing my job. Guys scored seven runs today. We should win this game. Like I said, it’s embarrassing.”

On one hand, it is good that Lester can recognize just how bad he has been, but now what the Red Sox need is for Lester and other pitchers to change something to help themselves have better outings.

About a week ago, Red Sox big hitter David Ortiz injured his right achilles and was quoted by ESPN saying that “this (expletive) team is cursed.” Ortiz’s comment clearly reflects the frustration he has with his own injury and the lack of consistency from his team.

With less than half of their season left and the opportunity to clinch one of two Wild Card spots, the Red Sox cannot afford to let their frustration to get the best of them. Perseverance and a combined team effort is what the Sox need to get back on track.

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