Henderson wins by decision in UFC fight against Edgar

Published On August 12, 2012 | By Stephanie Silva

Being a UFC judge comes with a lot of pressure. Saturday night’s fight between Benson Henderson and Frankie Edgar was called in Henderson’s favor by decision and there are some unhappy fans because of it.

The rematch between Edgar and Henderson was scored 46-49, 48-47 and 48-47. Henderson won the first fight in February by unanimous decision. After the judges announced the results on Saturday, the crowd responded with jeers.

UFC President Dana White repeatedly conceded that fans may have expected a different outcome but that he personally doesn’t control the score.

“It’s one of those controversial decisions,” he said. “Let me just say this, I’m not a judge. Benson Henderson won the fight tonight. He retained the title and that’s the end of it. I know there were a lot of people who scored the fight differently.”

The judges did agree that Henderson won the first round and that Edgar won rounds two and five. Henderson’s approach in the first was decent as he applied the guillotine with 20 seconds left as well as forcing Edgar to the ground with a sweeping kick early on.

Edgar’s response was a resounding right hand that knocked Henderson to the ground; it took him a full minute to disengage himself.

Edgar said that he thought he “did enough”, but apparently that wasn’t the case. Both fighters did an excellent job though, in keeping the playing field even in the final three rounds, which made the judges job that much harder. Henderson’s next fight is against Nate Diaz.

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