Lil Papi’s top four cutest moments

Published On November 6, 2012 | By Kimberly Petalas

David Ortiz has been swinging bats for the Red Sox since 2003, and as such, he’s a familiar face. But there’s another popular Ortiz around here. Eight years ago, Big Papi’s life was changed when his son D’Angelo Ortiz was born. Now not only has Big Papi’s life changed, but Red Sox fans have found a new Ortiz to love. To celebrate David’s new contract with the Red Sox, here is a look at Lil Papi’s cutest moments.

1. Signing a Red Sox contract alongside his dad

Lil Papi signs his $5 contract with the Red Sox. Photo Credit: Dan Roche, WBZ-TV

Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz signed a new contract with the Red Sox on Monday, but Big Papi wasn’t the one in the spot light. Ortiz’s son, D’Angelo Ortiz, was the center of attention at the signing of the contract. Lil Papi signed his own contract with the Red Sox for $5 after impressing Larry Lucchino by hitting a home run in his little league game.

2. Lil Papi comes to Spring Training 2011

Lil Papi shows off his batting skills. Photo Credit: Steve Silva,

Big Papi brought his son to Spring Training in 2011 and the crowds were very excited. Lil Papi signed some balls and bats before showing off his switch hitting in the Red Sox batting cages.

3. Lil Papi’s sense of humor

D’Angelo Ortiz impersonates Victor Martinez’s batting stance. Photo Credit: Mike Petraglia

At the same Spring Training session in 2011, Lil Papi impersonated his dad’s teammates’ batting stances. He had everyone laughing while he did impressions of J.D. Drew, Jason Varitek, Victor Martinez and Marco Scutaro.

4. D’Angelo poses with his dad after winning little league game

Big Papi finally made it to one of his son’s baseball games. Photo Credit: David Ortiz, Twitter.

Big Papi’s schedule can get very busy, but not bust enough to miss one of his D’Angelo’s baseball games. He posted the above picture on his twitter and said, “Congratulations to my son baseball team.. Finally they win a game…and l was there.”

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