What to wear: 5 rules for sports games

Published On November 6, 2012 | By Emily Wright

In honor of the return of basketball season, I’m giving you my top 5 tips on looking good for the big game! Whether it’s football, basketball or hockey (praying the NHL will be back soon!), I’ll help you look the part of a No. 1 fan while maintaining your feminine side. Jerseys might look better on your beau, but there are various women’s options like hoodies, track jackets, scarves, hats and jewelry that you can sport to prove you’re just as die-hard of a fan as the next guy.

1.   Don’t forget the fit.

I’ve been to countless sporting events and one thing that always baffles me is how easily women forget to find something that fits. I know going to a sporting event shouldn’t be about impressing people, but don’t you feel better when your shirt fits properly? I’m certainly a victim of the “wear a kids t-shirt because it’s cheaper” trend, but what you don’t realize is that women’s wear is worth the few extra dollars.

Friends and strangers alike will be jealous if you find a jersey specifically cut for women like the new Celtics collection at Boston area ROSTER stores. I’m dying to head over to the Natick Collection to check out the new space. ROSTER moved into a new storefront which was formerly occupied by Champs Sports. The space, which is right outside of Sears on the first floor, is nearly twice the size with double the wall and floor space.

2.   Accessories are allowed

You can still glam up when you’re at a game. Adding a little sparkle is bound to help get you on the Jumbotron at the game and who wouldn’t want that? If you’re at ROSTER there will be plenty of things to accessorize with, including scarves, hats and all things glitz. They even have earrings to wear with your favorite team logos on them. Sometimes accessories are part of a larger item, like a dolled up t-shirt. She’s Game Sports VP of Sales Laurie Voke snagged an awesome Patriots tee with rhinestone crystals dotting the front at ROSTER this fall that would look great on any body type.

3.     Minimize the makeup

If you’re dressing up for the game, don’t confuse your friends’ eyes. Either draw attention to your awesome attire or to your new smokey eye shadow combo; not both.  Downplay the makeup and it will ramp up the outfit. For a more natural look, try a simple pressed powder, a dust of blush on the cheek bones and mega lash mascara. A subtle gloss or nude lipstick will top it off without being too much.

4.  Purses are a no

There’s nothing worse than having to tote around a full-size purse at a sporting event. There’s nowhere to put them and you end up sitting with your bag in your lap for most of the game, risking spills and stains. Invest in a card holder and downsize your keys before you go. If you’re afraid you won’t have enough room in your pockets, it’s okay to bring out your favorite wristlet — just not a chunky one. Make sure you remember the essentials: ID, debit card, emergency credit card, health insurance card.

5.  Don’t wear heels. Ever.

I’m a fan of a casual heel but not at an arena. Trying to navigate the stands in flats is bad enough, never mind adding height and danger to the mix. I always carry a spare pair of basic flats in my car just in case I decide to check out a game because I have been the victim of a heel mishap before. When I was working as a Celtics intern, I tripped up the loge level stairs. No one saw me stumble (that I know of), but I was embarrassed and broke out in a sweat. It rattled me enough that after that, flat soled boots, ballet flats and loafers were my best friends.

I hope these tips help you look your best at the game you attend! What are your game day fashion tips? I’d love to hear them!

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