President Obama, Scottie Pippen play pickup hoops on election day

Published On November 7, 2012 | By Shane Ohalloran

Imagine it’s election day and you’re the commander of the free world. You’re at the end of an exhausting reelection campaign, and your entire political legacy is at stake. It’s all over but the waiting. But how do you whittle away the hours until giving your victory—or concession—speech?

If you’re Barack Obama, you call your buddy Scottie Pippen for a little pickup basketball.

Obama, an avowed Bulls fan, continued a tradition of election day hoops he began in 2008.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the game also featured brother-in-law and Oregon State basketball coach Craig Robinson, education secretary and former Harvard All-American Arne Duncan and others. Pippen played on the president’s team, which reportedly cruised to an easy victory.

File this under life imitating sports, then, because Obama cruised to victory in the polls on Tuesday as well.

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