Tyrann "Honey Badger" Mathieu to enter NFL draft

Published On November 29, 2012 | By Jill Saftel

Former Louisiana State cornerback Tyrann Mathieu is reported to be entering the 2013 NFL Draft. According to a report from CBS Sports, the “Honey Badger” is back.

The star player was released from LSU amidst multiple behavioral infractions, most importantly failed drug tests. After checking into rehab, it seemed likely he may return to the school for his senior season, but was arrested in October with three other former LSU players on drug charges which is expected to affect his return to school.

Mathieu can’t seem to get away from trouble, and his indiscretions will most likely impact his value in the draft. His arrest involved police discovering 10 bags of high-grade marijuana in his apartment and he was also accused of promoting parties at night clubs via videos and fliers, an NCAA violation if true.

After last season, he was considered as a Heisman Trophy finalist and a top-32 draft pick. Now, he’s projected to fall even out of the top-100, but his talent might be enough for some teams to look past the off-the-field issues.

Mathieu, who had a troubled childhood, did complete a stint at rehab with former NBA player John Lucas who battled addictions of his own. Football fans should certainly be hoping for a turnaround from the Honey Badger, as it would be a waste of extreme talent if Mathieu didn’t make a comeback.

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