Wade takes to Twitter to respond to actions

Published On December 29, 2012 | By Alison Majikes

After kicking Ramon Sessions in the groin during the Wednesday night Miami Heat-Charlotte Bobcats game, Dwyane Wade was slapped with a one-game suspension from the league.

After you watch the replay in slow motion, it’s pretty obvious that Wade’s actions were intentional. But the Heat star took to Twitter on Thursday night to explain himself and address the fact that he’s recently been pegged as a “dirty player.”

“I’m far from being a dirty player + my intent was never 2 kick Ramon Sessions. I just reacted to the contact that I got from him….” (via @DwyaneWade)

And after that tweet, Wade posted more, trying to explain his actions further and attempt to clear his name.

“More than anything, I think of my boys watchin me be4 retaliating 2ward any player. Im moving 4ward + ready 2 get back on the court in MIL.”(via @DwyaneWade).

Wade seems to be heartfelt in his words when he says all he thinks about is his children watching him when he plays, but fans can only hope, whether intentional or not, that these actions don’t continue on the hardwood for the star point guard.

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