Menino stumbles on Vince Wilfork’s name–while wearing his jersey

Published On January 17, 2013 | By Karoline Zacharer

Boston mayor Tom Menino hasn’t earned the nickname “mumbles” for nothing. There’s even a section on his Wikipedia page dedicated to his verbal gaffs. It appears, however, that he has a new mess up to add to the list. In a publicized phone conversation with Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake, he mispronounced Vince Wilfork‘s name as “Wilcock”–while wearing Wilfork’s jersey.

CBS news put up a video of Menino making the call, adding yet another sports stumble to Menino’s long list. He’s famously messed up when talking about the Red Sox and Celtics in the past.

After saying he had confidence in Vince Wilcock, one of the mayor’s staffers corrected him, informing him of the mistake. Menino laughed it off. He told Rawlings Blake that he had confidence in the whole team and to expect a win out of the Patriots this weekend.

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