Blackhawks’ unbeaten streak ends: a look at the numbers

Published On March 9, 2013 | By Hung Vong

The Chicago Blackhawks were undefeated through the first 24 games this season, but they finally came back to Earth Friday night. The Avalanche ended Chicago’s streak by scoring six goals in regulation — including four in the second period — to top Chicago, 6-2. Here’s a look at some interesting numbers during Chicago’s streak:

  • 4: The Blackhawks won four games in OT.
  • 4: Their biggest win was by four goals, a 6-2 victory against the Coyotes on Feb. 7.
  • 6: They won six games by one point in regulation, including the last one against the Avalanche as their 24th win, before having that streak snapped by the same opponent two days later.
  • 8: They have won eight games by two or more goals in regulation.
  • 6: The Blackhawks played in six shootouts, winning three of those against Detroit Red Wings, Vancouver Canucks, and the Calgary Flames.
  • 48: The Blackhawks have gone 48 days being unbeaten since Jan. 19, the start of the 2012-2013 season.
  • 3: They had three total shutouts against opponents during the streak. Those came against the Blues, Blue Jackets, and Predators.
  • In 25 games, the Blackhawks have scored 77 goals and had 132 assists in total.

Fun fact:

The 1979-80 Philadelphia Flyers hold the longest win streak in the history of the NHL with a 35-game streak that season. They did not start unbeaten (as the Blackhawks did), as they lost the second game of the season to Atlanta by a 9-2 landslide. Philadelphia would go on a 35-game point streak following that loss, with 25 wins and 10 OTLs. Had Philadelphia won that game, their streak would have been 37 games to start off the season.

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