Smith Bashes New England Fans on Twitter

Published On June 24, 2013 | By Francesca Pelletier

During Monday night’s contest between the Boston Bruins and Chicago Blackhawks in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals, Boston fans can expect Baltimore Raven Torrey Smith to be sporting anything but black and gold. The Raven’s wide-receiver took to Twitter during Game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals to voice his support for any team other than Boston. Smith joked that he was pulling for the Blackhawks because, “I hate everything about NE (New England) except for KG (Kevin Garnett).”

Smith’s rant was not over after that.

“I understand that every fan base has bad fans,” the NFL star tweeted Saturday night. “What I’m saying is NE fans have more than others and think they are better than everyone else.”

Ouch! But Smith’s words might not be unfounded. Smith endured a personal tragedy when he lost his brother to a motorcycle accident just four months before the AFC Championship game that knocked New England out of the playoffs. After the game, New England fans taunted Smith on Twitter just moments after the Ravens crushed the Patriots in the AFC Championship game. Following the tweets, Smith took to Twitter to let Patriot Nation know how he felt about them.

“Played a lot of games since my brothers death and I never received as many rude tweets after a win than Sunday,” Smith wrote in January following the Raven’s victory over the Patriots. “…Yet NE fans cry about class.”

On Saturday night, Smith stuck by his harsh comments and ended his rant before things got even worse.

“Ok I’m done starting stuff before I get a phone call from our organization haha,” Smith joked. “No apologies I meant what I said.”

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