From “Captain America” to Captain of the Mets

Published On March 24, 2013 | By Tyler Scionti

In the World Baseball Classic Mets third baseman David Wright was nicknamed “Captain America,” now the title is official as he has been named captain of the Mets, the fourth captain in team history and one of three active captains in the MLB.

The honor of “captain” is not a common one in the MLB. Many Sox fans remember Jason Varitek who was named captain of the Sox and wore the red “C” proudly on his chest. Since he retired the only active captains are Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees, and Paul Konerko of the Chicago White Sox. The qualifications for choosing a captain are not very well understood, there is a great deal of subjectivity as choosing a captain is not exactly an official procedure.

That said if there is anyone who deserves the title of “captain” it is David Wright. Wright has long been known for his spectacular and consistent play at third base, but there is a great deal of work he does off the field as well. Wright often takes new players out to dinner and acts as a bridge between the team and management. He never had to do these things, it was just a way he could give back to those around him.

GM Sandy Alderson weighed in his thoughts on David Wright being named captain of the Mets.

”I think this is a recognition of his de facto leadership,” Alderson said. ”Leadership is a funny thing, but it’s largely a product of two elements: professional expertise and personal character.”

Manager Terry Collins also offered his thoughts to the media.

”We think it’s an honor few people get in the game, and certainly it’s deserving,” Collins said. ”He’s not only the face of the organization, but I thought this past winter when he made the commitment he wanted to be a New York Met forever, it was the right time.”

One question on many fans’ minds is whether Wright will change with his newfound leadership position. Probably to much relief the answer is no. While Jason Varitek wore the “c” on his chest, Wright prefers to continue his role as a silent leader. It was never about being recognized, it was about helping out where he could.

”I don’t necessarily like to stick out too much,” Wright said last Thursday. ”I think the uniform is uniform for a reason. I think that everybody is kind of in agreement that we’re going to do without.”

If there is anyone who deserves the title of captain it is David Wright, he is a fantastic ballplayer and an even better teammate, congrats to David as he continues his tenure with the Mets for years to come.

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