Patriots’ Safety Swaps Diapers for Jersey Number

Published On March 23, 2013 | By Tyler Scionti

Many athletes will go to great lengths to ensure they get the number they want on their jersey; numbers always carry a great amount of superstition so it is understandable that a player would want to keep his number when switching teams. The latest addition to the New England Patriots, Adrian Wilson, is willing to go to greater lengths than most though to wear “24” this season.

Newly acquired safety, Adrian Wilson, wore “24” for the Arizona Cardinals last season, however he found that he wouldn’t be able to wear it for the Patriots considering that teammate Kyle Arrington currently dons the same number. Not willing to give up though Wilson went to  some great lengths to prove his dedication to the number 24.

Wilson promised Arrington a year’s supply of diapers for his newborn child if he would give him “24” for the season. The offer is an unconventional one to say the least, but Arrington responded well to Wilson’s offer.  Not willing to miss a chance on a good story, and plenty of diapers, Arrington happily agreed, sparking this picture that has been flying around Twitter. The two certainly have begun their friendship early in the offseason, and I’m sure the Arrington family appreciates the support with their newly born child.

Next time you see an exchange of jersey numbers between seasons, try to think of what interesting deal may have gone down to help the swap, you never know how far some players will go to keep their lucky numbers.

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