Alex Rodriguez involved in new steroid controversy

Published On April 13, 2013 | By Tyler Scionti

It appears that the New York Yankees just cannot get a break. Having lost their star players to injury forcing them to claw from the depths of the AL East, they now are mired in a controversy surrounding Alex Rodriguez.

Rodriguez has long been associated with alleged steroid and PED (performance enhancing drug) use; however, many thought that much of the controversy had ended after the Mitchell Report was released and dissected.

But over the winter, A-Rod was implicated in using steroids more recently. This week, a report in the New York Times claims MLB suspects A-Rod of trying to purchase incriminating documents from the clinic that allegedly supplied his more recent steroids/PEDs in an attempt to evade federal investigators.

Since his first round of allegations A-Rod has claimed that he has been clean and that his first foray into steroid use was nothing more than a mistake in his youth and nothing more. At that time, steroid use was not illegal in baseball, so A-Rod never suffered any repercussions. If investigations reveal A-Rod used steroids or PEDs more recently, however, the star could be in some hot water. A representative for Rodriguez said Friday that Rodriguez denies attempting to purchase any documents.

Still, the word is out that Rodriguez may be trying to buy back documents, and many players who have been linked to the Florida clinic are also being called into question. If Rodriguez can buy back incriminating documents, there is no telling how many players in the MLB may try to attempt the same in efforts to keep their reputations clean.

Many see the steroid battle as a lost one, but with the tightening regulations by MLB, baseball may finally achieve the purity it lost many years ago. The investigations have really just begun and there is no doubt that as time passes, more information will be revealed to the public.

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