Buffalo Bills’ Mario Williams sues ex for engagement ring

Published On May 6, 2013 | By Jill Saftel

Money can’t buy you love, and it sounds like Buffalo Bills’ Mario Williams is finding that out the hard way.

He’s suing his ex-fiancée, demanding she give him back the expensive engagement ring and other gifts. According to KTRK-TV out of Houston, in a lawsuit filed Friday, former Houston Texan Mario Williams is demanding that his former fiancée give back a nearly $800,000 diamond engagement ring. His ex-fiancée, Erin Marzouzki, apparently ended the engagement earlier this year.

Since she refuses to return the ring,Williams is planning to taking her to court

Court records say Williams gave Marzouki the $785,000, 10-carat (eek!) diamond engagement ring in February of 2012 and that the “defendant [Marzouki] never intended to marry plaintiff and used the relationship as a means to get to plaintiff’s money and acquire gifts.”

But Williams didn’t just splurge on the ring. He purchased more than $230,000 in “luxury items” for Marzouki. If that wasn’t enough, he provided her with a credit card on which she charged 0ver $108,000 in the less than a year timespan she had the card.

Tough break for Williams if Marzouki really was just stringing him along for the perks, but maybe he should use this as a learning opportunity – no credit cards!

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