Shanda Sounds Off: A Laker Weatherman and Retirement Rumors

Published On May 21, 2013 | By Shanda Foster

Video of the Week:

Lakers’ Metta World Peace Turns Meteorologist on Fox

There’s not too much I can say about Metta World Peace. He’s a great player but he’s an odd one. Kudos to him, he obviously likes to have a good time. I can see the fun in wanting to be a part of the news team. Metta World Peace as a weather person is pretty funny. He looks like he’s teaching a yoga class!

Dwight Freeney signs 2- year $8.75 million deal with Chargers

It’s official! Dwight Freeney is off the market. The former Colts lineman who spent a longer period as a free agent then most anticipated finally inked a two–year deal with the San Diego Chargers for a reported $8.75 million.

According to’s Ian Rapoport, Freeney arrived to San Diego on Wed and stayed through Thursday for a physical and workouts before finalizing a deal Sunday. Freeney received interest from several teams, including the Broncos and the Patriots who flew him in for a workout. However, the numbers weren’t exactly what he was hoping for.

San Diego definitely needed some depth on defense after losing second-year linebacker Melvin Ingram to an ACL injury last week in practice, and Freeney, who wanted to play for a quality QB, seemed to make a nice fit. There have been some questions on how Freeney will fit in with the Chargers 3-4 defense after having some struggles last year with Indy in that department.

Freeney registered 107.5 sacks over his 11-season career in Indianapolis. Despite the issues on the line last season, he’s a strong athlete who is not to be underestimated. It will be interesting to see where he fits into the team’s plan this year. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Gronkowski’s Good Decision: Cancels Vegas Trip – Has Surgery Monday

If you were planning to party it up with Rob Gronkowski, you’ll have a better chance catching his “I’m-healed-from-arm-surgery” party if you’re in Boston. This week, a jet-sharing service promoted a chance to share a private jet with Gronk and Julian Edelman and offered four seats to anyone who wanted to partake in the “once in a lifetime opportunity.”

However, Gronkowski decided to cancel the party trip to Las Vegas and underwent his fourth arm surgery instead. Sources say he will likely have back surgery in another three or four weeks in order to be able to heal in time for training camp. I’m giving a personal shout out to Gronkowski for making a great decision!

The city of sin isn’t going anywhere and will be waiting for you when you’ve healed. After signing a major contract deal with the Patriots, who franchised the TE, it’s time to stay focused, get healthy and stay out of the media for the time being. Besides, what better time is there to party in Vegas than after winning the Super Bowl? Wishing Gronk a speedy recovery!

Chargers to Keep Manti Te’o from Media Until June

After a good showing from Manti Te’o this week in rookie camp, the San Diego Chargers announced that Te’o will not be available to the media until the start of mini camp on June 11-13. There are a lot of beat writers aren’t too happy with the what the team is calling an “organizational decision” to shield the new lineman but given the “Catfishing” scandal, this is the beginning Te’o needs in order to gain confidence on the field and with new teammates.

According to, Te’o is putting in a major effort during rookie camp and it isn’t going unnoticed. This may be the perfect organization for him to grow as a professional. The true test will be when he does face the media — which he will have to do at some point — but as for now keeping a low profile and staying focused is what he needs to do to keep his head in the game.

Kobe Silences Retirement Rumors

On Sunday night, Twitter was fired up about an alleged pending announcement by Lakers star Kobe Bryant announcing his retirement, followed by another that the Lakers would exercise their amnesty option with the star. The rumors were quickly deflated by the uncovering of a fake profile of ESPN’s NBA guru Chris Broussard.

The rumors originated when Kobe sat down with ESPN’s Steven A. Smith and let the world know that the rigorous training he’s grown accustomed to is slowly tiring him out and that he may retire in a few years. Since the Lakers guard suffered a devastating Achilles injury which ended the season for him, rumors have been flaring up about the retirement. Kobe put rumors to rest with a simple tweet early Monday morning.

At this point, Kobe isn’t worried about his retirement. It’s more likely he’s trying to heal and get back in playing shape. He never has seemed 100 percent certain about his next career move, but the goal of overcoming injury may be the one that will keep Kobe coming back for more. There’s no competition like competing against yourself, and when the day does come for retirement, it won’t be permanent. We’ve seen it time and time again with super athletes. Mark my words, Kobe WILL be back on the court!

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