Belichick speaks to the media and welcomes Tebow

Published On June 12, 2013 | By Tyler Scionti

Well you just can’t make heads or tails of the latest buzz surrounding Tim Tebow. One second everyone thinks head coach Bill Belichick hates him, and the next he is welcomed with open arms to the New England Patriots. Either way the drama has finally come to an end as Tebow has found a new home at last.

Tebow’s struggles to find a new team were not entirely unexpected. His footwork and throwing motion need work if he wants to be a star QB, and the media baggage he carries around does not help much to make his case. It got so bad at one point that his old high school coach felt the need to plead his case to the NFL, as if that would make a huge difference. Yet despite all those shortcomings it looks like the guidance from Belichick and star QB Tom Brady may be just what Tebow needs.

One benefit already gleaned from the signing is Belichick’s steely demeanor to the media. While other franchises feared how the media followed Tebow relentlessly Belichick has the ability to keep things in check, something that will come to benefit both Tebow and the Patriots. For example, when asked what he thought of “Tebowing” Belichick was short and to the point.

“I think we’ve already talked enough about him. I think I’ve covered it. Anything else?” Belichick said.

While Tebow may have found himself a new home, there is one big question that still seems to be unanswered: where will he play? If Tebow didn’t get adequate playing time behind Mar Sanchez then he will get even less behind Tom Brady, that’s what happens when you back up the best.  Belichick hasn’t given much away in terms of whether Tebow will play any position in particular, just that he will be utilized to help the team.

“We’ll see. … He’s a talented guy who’s smart and works hard. We’ve all seen him play. He can do a lot of things.” Belichick said.

Whether Tebow continues to be a quarterback or switches to a new position entirely will be determined. He is a talented, strong athlete and was brought to the Patriots for a clear reason. Belichick is not a man for fanfare so be sure that he has a plan up the sleeve of his gray hoodie.

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