Beyonce shoots down tennis star Williams’s critics

Published On June 11, 2013 | By Francesca Pelletier

After Saturday afternoon’s French Open finals victory over Maria Sharapova, tennis star Serena Williams looked anything but aged, tired and weary. Over her lengthy career, Williams has been ridiculed for just about everything: her attitude, her attire, her family, her play. This time around, the critics chose to bash the 31-year-old’s age, calling Williams “over the hill” or “too old” to keep up her level of play.

Serena’s stellar performance at the French Open should have quieted all criticism, but people still questioned the star’s future. When the tournament was over, Williams didn’t even have time to defend herself before a celebrity friend took charge. Long-time pal Beyonce posted a special note on her website for all of the critics to consider.

“Stunt on them Serena,” Beyonce wrote in her personal News section. “31 and in your prime. You have no idea how much you inspire all of us women. I’m so proud of you. All my love and respect, Beyonce.”

Beyonce’s words spoke not only to the champion on the court, but to the champion women all over the world. Beyonce is only 22 days older than Serena, and she has certainly proved in her career that age is no barrier to dance-heavy shows that thrill the crowds.

With the help of high praises from Ms. Knowles, Williams will seek to continue her success on the tennis courts, but will most importantly keep serving as an inspiration for females throughout the world.

After all, according to Beyonce’s hit song, who runs the world?


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