Revis can eat his words

Published On March 13, 2014 | By Alice Cook

This is how much Bill Belichick wants another championship.  He pays 12 million dollars to get a player for one year who once called him “a jerk,” “ignorant,” and “disrespectful.”

One wouldn’t think of Belichick as a forgive and forget type of guy.   Spygate, Rex Ryan, the NYJets, Wes Welker– you catch my drift.

Belichick is way too smart to let a little name calling get in the way of another ring.  Tom Brady is not going to be around forever.  Getting to  the AFC Championship game is not good enough.  The Patriots are going for all the marbles. The clock is ticking.

Darrelle Revis mouthed off a few years ago when he was with the Jets.  In March of 2012 Revis was playing a word association game on ESPN.  When asked to sum up Bill Belichick in a word, Revis said “jerk.”    When asked about it a few months later Revis made matters worse by giving a convoluted explanation.

” When you say certain things about the Jets, some things are disrespectful,”  said Revis.  “I didn’t start this battle, ” he continued.  ” It’s just the smart comments he says.  It’s ignorant.  It’s ignorant (toward) this organization.”

Reading these quotes I found it amusing that Belichick’s “smart” comments were “ignorant.”

Certainly Bill Belichick is no stranger to a little name calling.  Think about what the poor guy endured during his days as head coach in Cleveland.

Revis might have a big mouth and bigger ego, he was also the best lock down corner on the market.   Aqib Talib has his six year, $57 million dollar contract with the Denver Broncos.  (26 million guaranteed)  The Revis deal in comparison looks like a bargain.   New England ‘just loves a bargain’ both at the Christmas Tree Shops and the executive offices of the Patriots.

Bill Belichick didn’t let a little name calling get in the way of a good deal for a great player.

Talk is cheap, and winning is everything.





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