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Published On August 12, 2014 | By Alice Cook


I am loving the story on New England Patriots hopeful Brian Tyms.  The 25 year old receiver is getting attention for all the right reasons both on and off the field.

Last Thursday in the pre-season kick off,  Tyms opened some eyes catching 5 of 5 passes sent his way for 119 yards and a touchdown.

Tyms has been bounced around among four NFL teams, and for much of his life he has been looking for another kind of home – the kind that comes with a roof.

After being taken away from abusive parents at the age of 12, Tyms was was shipped from Seattle to Florida.  As he moved from foster home to foster home in the Fort Lauderdale area, there was one common ground that saved him. Sports.

“Anybody that’s been in a group home knows, you kind of have that feeling where you don’t have no family,” Tyms said.  “You see kids at the mall, you’re with your case worker or your home leader and you’re like, ‘Well shoot, where’s my mom and dad?’  It took me a while to let that go.”

A football and basketball stand out at Dillard High School,  Dillard didn’t have a mailbox or any scholarship offers returned to sender.  He lived out of the back of his car, and did a lot of couch surfing.  Tyms also kept in shape and never gave up hope.

“Y’all don’t know what it’s like to have all your clothes in three trash bags in the back seat of your car,” he said. “I had a lot of good friends who helped me with food, let me shower, and and spend a couple of nights.  It wasn’t easy man.”

Tyms took the community college route and eventually turned some heads, earning a scholarship to Florida A&M. 

His NFL career has included quick stops in San Francisco, Miami and Cleveland.  Tyms was cut from the Browns after testing positive for a banned substance. (Adderall) last February.

Wherever he ends up, Tyms will begin the season with a four game suspension, which might help his chances with the Patriots given he won’t count against the 53 man roster.

Given his nomadic childhood and young adult life, Tyms is one to roll with punches.

Right now he is catching passes from Tom Brady, and has a chance to make a home in New England. Tyms is one to appreciate every moment he has in the NFL and every dime he makes as a football player.

“When I bought my first car with my own money, I cried,” he said.  “It was like, it’s mine. I don’t know if it shows, but I love this game. I’ll go wherever football takes me.”

Home is where the heart is. For Brian Tyms it just might be Foxboro, Massachusetts.





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