Gronkowski told to cool down summer activities

Published On July 16, 2012 | By shesgamesports

Rob Gronkowski may have have to put aside partying and focus more on football. (Flickr – WBUR)

What does every rich 23-year-old want to spend their summer doing? Partying, hanging out with friends and family, and enjoying the summer sun are definitely on the list of summer to-dos. But New England Patriot’s tight end Rob Gronkowski may have taken it too far. With Patriots training camp right around the corner, the Patriots coaching staff has recently told Gronk that it’s time to settle down and start seriously getting ready for training camp, starting July 25.

Some of Gronkowski’s summer activities have included provocatively posing for ESPN Magazine’s The Body Issue, something that the public has not seen many Patriots players doing in the past. Many of the shots of Gronk show him posing with no clothing and only small props. In a live interview Gronk had with Access Hollywood, the Patriots were described by Michelle Beadle as “a very straight, conservative [team],” and that “Bill Belichick doesn’t like [the players] doing anything”.

Gronkowski’s pictures may be a little too promiscuous for the Patriot’s coaching staff when trying to maintain a certain image for the New England Patriots. Gronk responded to this comment on the Patriots by saying that he “doesn’t know yet” what his coach will say in response to the pictures. He followed up by saying “there’s nothing bad about [the pictures] and that he doesn’t see anything wrong with it”. While the pictures are all for a good cause, Gronkowski has since been asked to lay low for a while until training camp begins.

Now it may be a lot of fun and games for Gronk this summer, but he does know where his priorities are. When asked if he has been “living it up” this summer, he responded by saying he had been enjoying himself, but was also focusing on training for the upcoming season. Gronkowski added that he is very excited to get back to training camp even though he is expecting some jokes and ridicule from his teammates on the ESPN photos.

Some of Gronkowski’s other summer activities have included: appearing on the red carpet with his brothers and father at the ESPYs, winning the Celebrity Home Run derby in Buffalo, and partying like a frat boy at public events. Since the Patriot way means maintaining a proper, well-kept image with the public, Gronk may need to grow up and quit some of his summer fun.

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