U mad bro? Brady bashing

Published On October 17, 2012 | By Alice Cook

Anyone can have a bad day — even Tom Brady. Two interceptions, two intentional groundings, and a bunch of bad passes made for one of Brady’s worst outings in quite some time.

The Patriots had more problems than Brady last week. The secondary got burned to a crisp, coaching decisions were suspect and the running game hit a brick wall. There were issues across the board.

Somewhat surprisingly, a good portion of the Monday morning quarterbacking revolved around the quarterback.

The sports talk lines were lighting up — and this is what they were saying:

“Getting old.”  “Worn down.”  “Less arm strength.”  “Ducking under pressure.”  “Mental mistakes.” “Throws into the dirt.”

Wow. Brady bashing. That’s something new around here — and totally ridiculous.

There is no question Brady’s 395 yards were tarnished by the team’s one for six in the red zone, and most importantly the final score. It was an uncharacteristic performance for sure, but let’s not put the two-time Super Bowl MVP out to pasture just yet.

We have been spoiled through the years. People in New England have come to expect the miracles down the stretch, sticking the nail in the coffin, and the Patriots walking off with another win.

Brady can’t do it all. His career-high 58 pass attempts meant nothing without a running game. 87 rushing yards on 26 carries won’t cut it.  If Brady is throwing it close to 60 times a game it can’t be a good thing — no matter how many yards he’s racking up.

It’s not just fans and media picking on Brady, opposing players are getting into the fray.  Seahawks  cornerback Richard Sherman, well known for his trash talking, posted a picture on his Twitter, which has since been deleted. The photo showed Sherman yapping at Brady as they walked off the field after the game. The caption said, “U mad bro?

According to Sherman, Brady told him and a teammate to ‘come see me after the game.’ The Patriots were winning at the time.

On WEEI radio Tuesday, Brady said he didn’t see Sherman after the game. (In the photo it looks like Brady’s eyes are closed, so this could be true.)

Brady, as usual, took the high road.

“That’s part of football,” Brady told Dennis and Callahan. “Everyone is entitled to what they say and their behavior. We as Patriots have always handled it in a different way. But when you win,  you can do whatever you want.”

Sherman didn’t stop with the Twitter comment. In the post game he had some words to say about Brady and the no huddle offense.

“Anytime you run a gimmick offense, you’re a little bit afraid — you’re not sound in what you are doing in your base stuff. There is a reason it’s not effective, because there are great defenses out there who will stuff it.”

A little bit afraid? Tom Brady… AFRAID? Right buddy. And who are you again?  I never heard of Richard Sherman until he started flapping his mouth off.

So listen up people. No badmouthing Tom Brady. Especially if you have been paying attention the last 11 years.

Brady is a leader, he’s a fighter, he’s a winner and he still has his fastball. I like that he told Sherman to come see him after the game. It shows that he’s cocky too — and there’s nothing wrong with that.

With Rex Ryan and the Jets coming to town, maybe somebody should ask the Jets coach who he would rather have, Mark Sanchez or Tom Brady? Truth or dare.

I am picking the Patriots this week in a rout. “U mad?” Yeah, Brady is probably heated.   And if anyone out there wants to talk about once great players who can’t get it done — take a look at A-Rod.  Now, that one is worth a discussion.

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